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Calvary Catholic Cemetery in Santa Rosa


Welcome to Calvary Catholic Cemetery in Santa Rosa, the main office of Department of Catholic Cemeteries, Diocese of Santa Rosa.

We are located at:  2930 Bennett Valley Road, Santa Rosa, CA 95404.   Please see contact information and map and directions below.


History of Calvary Cemetery

Established in 1888


Calvary Catholic Cemetery in Santa Rosa was established in 1888 for the St. Rose Parish.  It is nestled on a hillside and overlooks Bennett Valley with a commanding view of the City of Santa Rosa and the mountains to the north.  In the historic older section of the cemetery there are many well-known families with family mausoleums and beautiful upright family monuments. The layout is similar to western European cemeteries with “dry plots” and family plots with monuments maintained by the families.  Many families chose separate family mausoleums.   There are areas with older veteran’s markers and a priest section with an angel statue watching over the many priests who

who are laid to rest there, as well as nearby sections for those who have chosen the religious life.  When the Diocese of Santa Rosa was formed, a new committal chapel with an open-air design was built and dedicated in 1965.   In 2004 the interior chapel was enclosed with beautiful marble sarcophagi where light streams through the stained glass windows that represent faith, hope, and love.  The prayer of Saint Francis is inspirational in the stained glass behind the marble altar.  The exterior niches are fashioned from mosaics depicting several biblical scenes.

As the cemetery expanded, larger community mausoleums were built.  The lawn areas have mostly flush markers and the cemetery is maintained with endowed care.  Our newest Saint Theresa Mausoleum was dedicated in 2009 offering both single and companion crypts and niches.  It has a beautiful balcony wrapping around three sides with panoramic vistas and on the north exterior, next to the stained glass depicting Saint Theresa, are two beautiful mosaic angels guarding the doors. 


The cemetery continues to expand to the west and 17 acres were purchased from the Estate of Dr. Francis in the recent past that will begin to be developed in 2011.



Madelyne's Chapel

Dedicated in 1965 - Refurbished in 2004

Nestled on the rolling hills of Bennett Valley and enjoying a commanding view of the city of Santa Rosa stands Calvary's Catholic Cemetery Committal Chapel,  which was dedicated on Memorial Day 1965.

The original split tower, symbolizing the joyous release of its earthbound corruptible flesh into the presence of the Risen Lord, (represented by the 19-foot gold leaf cross on the 65-foot high tower) still remains the "home" within which the Chapel stands, but the Chapel itself has undergone a "make-over" (2004).  This has been made possible, thanks to a very generous donation from the Trione family, in loving memory of a beautiful wife and much loved mother who passed away 9-18-2002, and in whose memory the remodeled Chapel is named "Madelyne's Chapel."

The interior glass walls, which left the Chapel in its original state open to the elements, have been replaced by concrete walls, beautifully decorated in polished marble and highlighted by magnificent stained glass windows.  Built into the walls are three crypts, (sarcophagi), each one providing a final resting place for the complete burials of two couples.  The burial vaults are surrounded by attractive stained glass windows. 

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St. Theresa's Mausoleum

Dedication in 2009

St Theresa Mausoleum

Dedicated on Memorial Day 2009 in our Santa Rosa Calvary Catholic Cemetery, our newest mausoleum was a project that took over three years from planning to completion.  Saint Theresa Mausoleum has spaces for 594 caskets and 821 urns and is blessed with spectacular panoramic views of Santa Rosa and the Mayacama mountains, including Mount Saint Helena.  The mausoleum itself is stunning with mosaic angels on either side of the north doors and beautiful stained glass surrounding the doors with an image of Saint Theresa at her desk surrounded by panels with roses and grapevines.


Contact Information

Map and Directions



Calvary Catholic Cemetery

2930 Bennett Valley Road, Santa Rosa, CA 95404

P.O. Box 2098, Santa Rosa, CA 95405-2098


Associate Director

Angela Scheihing:  707-546-6290 

Office Hours

Monday through Friday ~ 9:00 am to 4:00 pm


Main Office: 707-546-6290

Fax: (707) 546-2773

Email: calvarysantarosa@sbcglobal.net


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