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Madelyne's Chapel

Calvary Catholic Cemetery in Santa Rosa


Nestled on the rolling hills of Bennett Valley and enjoying a commanding view of the city of Santa Rosa stands Calvary's Catholic Cemetery Committal Chapel, dedicated on Memorial Day 1965.  The original split tower, symbolizing the joyous release of its earthbound corruptible flesh into the presence of the Risen Lord, (represented by the 19-foot gold leaf cross on the 65-foot high tower) still remains the "home" within which the Chapel stands, but the Chapel itself has undergone a "make-over" (2004). This has been made possible, thanks to a very generous donation from the Trione family, in loving memory of a beautiful wife and much loved mother who passed away 9-18-2002, and in whose memory the remodeled Chapel is named "Madelyne's Chapel."

The interior glass walls, which left the Chapel in its original state open to the elements, have been replaced by concrete walls, beautifully decorated in polished marble and highlighted by magnificent stained glass windows.  Built into the walls are three crypts, (sarcophagi), each one providing a final resting place for the complete burials of two couples.  The burial vaults are surrounded by attractive stained glass windows.  The one on the South side reflects the Holy Eucharist as sacrifice and sacrament, which are at the core of our Catholic belief system.  The side panels suggest the ideas of prayer (Praying Hands) and praise (Harp), which are the means of expressing our Faith.

Surrounding the vaults on the West side the virtue of Hope is portrayed by a beacon of light, which is the symbol of Hope.  The Church is represented by a ship with its banner of victory over sin and death.  On the side panels are two symbols interlocked with grape vines.  One is an Anchor and the other a Rainbow, representing of Hope and Peace.

The stained glass window on the East side reflects the virtue of Love and is represented by a pair of white doves, one of which is holding an olive branch in its beak as a symbol of Peace and Love.  On one of the side lancets is a rose, and on the other interlocking rings symbolizing Love.


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Behind the altar on the North elevation are a series of windows designed to achieve a beautifully uplifting artistic effect in harmony with the interior architecture.  The one in the center depicts the Risen Christ in the Heavenly Jerusalem.  Those on either side depict, in traditional lettering, the beautiful prayer of Saint Francis. Flanking the Saint Francis windows are two others, which taken with the Risen Christ in the Heavenly Jerusalem, portray the Blessed Trinity.  The one on the left subtly depicts the Hand of the Father creating the universe.  On the right hand side we have the depiction of God's Holy Spirit with like colors and design.

All of the stained glass windows are designed to achieve a beautiful uplifting artistic effect in harmony with the interior architecture of the building.

In addition to the three full burial vaults there are 230 glass front niches, which will serve as a final resting place for the cremated remains of loved ones.  The exterior walls also have 252 built in niches.  Four beautiful mosaic fronts adorn the East and West sides.  On the East side are mosaics representing Our Lady of the Vineyard and the Assumption of Our Lady, and on the West side the Annunciation and the Wedding Feast of Cana. These mosaics, framed in chiandone granite were designed to create an atmosphere of respect, reverence, and consolation to complete the architecture of the building.

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Ascension with Prayer of St Francis

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Praying Hands





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Glass Niches


Exterior Niches



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